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The Philco name became a symbol of quality appliances for several generations of consumers, primarily in washing machines. So it is decidedly good news that this traditional manufacturer has come back to the European market with products that excel  in quality and user friendliness, while also being environmentally friendly.


High quality and environmental responsibility

Factories where Philco brand products are made today meet not only the most stringent standards of quality and processing, but also for protection of the environment. The manufacturer is convinced of the quality of its products to the extent that the products carry a five-year warranty. A big emphasis is placed on not just functionality, technical perfection, a wide range of useful programs, intuitive and convenient controls, but also on consideration for the surrounding natural environment. The Philco manufacturers’ philosophy can be stated as follows: We cannot change the environment overnight, but we can contribute to its gradual improvement, even, for example, through small acts. banner1.jpg One example of this modern and enlightened trend is the Twinjet system, which certain Philco washers are equipped with. This is a system of direct spraying of laundry that can save up to 30% of electricity and up to 14% of the water required for a single load. And these are not just words, but a step towards a cleaner and healthier environment.



History of the Philco brand

1892 Helios Electric is established in Philadelphia, whose first product is the rechargeable battery
1906 The company changes its name to Philco
1909 The company enters the automobile industry and replaces gaslights with electrical (electric starters and electric batteries have taken over the task of starting)
1920 Subsidiary companies are created, manufacturing licenses are issued throughout the world. Argentina, Canada and Great Britain become manufacturing centers
1930 Achieves a 30 % share of the American market and becomes the largest world manufacturer of radio receivers (it holds this position for the next 20 years)
1938 The company becomes well-known thanks to the invention of air-conditioning in hermetically sealed spaces
1939 Manufactures the first refrigerator using foam insulation
1946 Philco Manufactures the first home freezer
1947 Philco Manufactures the first television receiver
1951 Philco introduces the two-door refrigerator/freezer with automatic defrost
1954 Philco introduces the first transistor appropriate for high-speed computers
1957 Philco introduces a cost-saving combination washer-dryer
1960 Concludes a contract with NASA for the production of a world-wide network of monitoring stations for the cosmic project Mercury (this network was only replaced in 1990 with communication satellites)
1961 Concludes a contract with Ford motor company and supplies radios for Ford vehicles
1973 Introduces the Cold Guard line of refrigerators made from one piece of pressed plastic
1977 Philco becomes a part of the company White Consolidated Industries
1986 WCI is purchased by the company AB Electrolux, of Sweden
1988 The Philco International sales department moves to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1996 All U. S. production factories receive the ISO9000 standard certification
1998 Philco introduces AquaPure Ice technology and a water filtration system for the side-by-side refrigerator
2011 Philco returns to the European market!


Philco, a legend since 1892

Philco, a legend since 1892

Get to know the legendary Philco brand and its famous history – from the battery (1892) through to the washing machine and the oven (2011).

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